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Rollema Media is an internet media company in Ommen with over 12 years experience in designing, building and maintaining WordPress sites and Magento web shops, inventing and designing logos, creating online marketing campaigns and high positioning of your website or online store in the search engines.

We all do with a good team of professionals with great experience!

The services we offer are always in advance to discuss with you in detail so that the best result possible. We offer several complete packages with a fixed price. Of course we also offer the potential for customization, this ensures that our services fit seamlessly into your business and you never pay for something you do not use.

We will keep you at all times well informed of the progress and changes to your website or online store. Through good cooperation with our customers and a lot of personal contact makes it possible to provide services that are profitable for your business

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Wij steunen Stichting Kusje voor

Ook wij dragen ons steentje bij aan de Stichting Kusje voor. Dit doen we omdat we mee leven met alle ouders die hun pasgeboren kindje veel te vroeg verliezen. Meer over de Stichting Kusje voor Per dag verliezen 3 ouders

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Nieuwe klant: Interpay Incasso

Met trots mogen we melden dat ook Interpay Incasso zich heeft aangesloten bij ons. We verwelkomen Interpay dan ook graag. Voor hun gaan we aan de slag met de websites. Hierbij zullen we diverse technische zaken onder de loop nemen.

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